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About Us

About Us

We are at:

Whitewater Family Church
1540 W. Walworth Ave.
Whitewater, WI 53190


The church is not currently holding public services.


Mission Statement – At Whitewater Family Church we strive to pursue God with honesty and excellence by building stronger families, engaging in mentor based discipleship, and encouraging personal calling and ministry


Purpose Statement – An honest approach to connecting individuals to something greater than themselves

Whitewater Family Church – A church of Christian Believers who are dedicated to the development and values of the traditional family, but who also understand that the contemporary family is often just as important if not more important to the people in them. A family Church is committed to bringing both the Traditional and the Contemporary family together as a Spiritual Family.

Traditional Family – A household made up of individuals related to one another by natural means. Historically this unit is made up of Parents and their Children.

Contemporary Family – A household made up of individuals related to one another by natural and/or by social means. These families are formed not just by natural means but also by the bonds of friendship and their social community.

Spiritual Family – A group of individuals who through the common bonds of faith find themselves in a supportive network of like minded believers that behave together as another family unit.

Constitution and Bylaws

The church is governed by a constituion and bylaws.

Constituation and Bylaws