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We operate a number of ministries here at Whitewater Family Church. However, most of our ministries have been adjusted to fit into our purpose and vision.

Children’s Ministry – At Family Church we believe that compartmentalizing our children out of the service every week is a destructive habit that many churches today engage in. Instead children spend one week in our children’s program and the next week with the adults in our service. That said we go to great length to make certain our children are well attended to and are growing in their faith. Every week they have a special time with the pastor and have their own version of sermon notes and devotionals.

Youth Ministry – GOstudentminsitries operates to facilitate adolescent spiritual growth. For students in junior high through senior high the whole ministry serves to encourage youth to pursue their own personal relationship with Christ. At all times; regular Wednesday Service, one-on-one time with leaders, and through social media, students are taught to make disciples, reproduce their faith in others, and live as Christ walks with them daily as all is cited in the Great Commission.

HOME groups – Our main discipleship movement happens in our homes. A home group is designed to serve a few purposes. First off, it gives believers an opportunity to meet once or twice during the week in order to connect and pray for one another. Second, it provides for scriptural discipleship as the group further explores the sermon from Sunday. Third, they stand ready to be an avenue for a member to connect their unchurched friends to other believers.  Please see a church staff member for more information about meeting days and times.