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Sunday Morning

Sunday morning service

Lies: Did God Really Say

The lie that led to the Fall of Mankind, wasn’t so much a lie as it was a misleading question.  Did God really say?  If you were asked this question about commands that God has given you how would you answer?  We all want to say “I would answer with what God actually said!”, but the truth of it is when comes to a variety of topics I’m not so sure we would all answer as strongly as we would like to think.  I mean what if you were asked about tithing?  Or gossip?  Worship?  Church attendance?  What we watch on TV or listen to on the radio?  What did God say about these things?

Superority of Love

Love is a word often used and poorly understood.  The kind of love that God calls us to have is without condition, but not without boundaries.  It is always the right thing to do and is one of the things that will last into eternity.


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